Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bakken 101 - Evolving Completion Techniques

Regular readers know that I have a "soft spot in my heart" for Whiting. I  have always maintained that Whiting has the best corporate slide presentations. Early on Whiting had some of the best FAQs in their presentations; clearly the corporation was trying to explain to folks what was going on in the Bakken.

Whiting has not let us down. In their November, 2013, corporate presentation there is a series of slides that shows the evolution of completion techniques. Following are four screen shots of the evolution of Whiting's completion techniques. [Double-clicking on the individual slides will open them in another window for much easier viewing.]

I think the slides are self-explanatory. There are several story lines in these four screenshots, but the biggest story is what this means for the Bakken in general.

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