Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Photos of the Oil Patch -- Vern Whitten Photography

Link here to Vern Whitten photography. It looks like most of these photos are of the Williston area.

Again, some incredible photographs. A great, great series of photos to let folks know what the Bakken looks like --

I would assume some of these photos will show up in annual reports: there are a lot of companies doing business in the oil patch.

Vern Whitten Photography


  1. The photo 11/25 which shows the picture of an industrial park. The Baker Hughes new complex is in the top right corner. The NEWEST Baker Huges complex is directly across the street in the top left corner of the shot. The image is deceiving, becuase the Baker Huges complex is much larger than it looks in this photo. But the NEWEST complex going up across the street is even larger. You can see the huge warehouse with the blue roof and in front of it (attached) is another Hughes office building that is also 2 stories, but larger than the smaller office across the street. I'm guessing they plan to be bringing in a lot of new employees to fill these warehouses and offices?

    1. Thank you. I was last in Williston when this industrial park was just in its early stages. Thank you for laying out the "geography" of the park -- it's a great help. It certainly suggests "someone" thinks the Bakken is going to be around for a few years.