Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Links; Farm Income -- Highest in 40 Years; Thanks For The Free ObamaPhone (Projected)

Active rigs in North Dakota: 182 (continuing to fall slowly, heading back to intra-boom low of 179)

Wells coming off confidential list have been posted; scroll down.

WSJ Links

Section D (Personal Journal): babies and pets.

Section C (Money & Investing):

Section B (Marketplace): 

New word for the day: DENDRITES -- tiny deposits of lithium resembling microscopic whiskers -- suspects in the 787 Dreamliner fires. Opportunity for five-blade Gillette

Fewer airlines, more profits; four airlines will dominate US
  • American Airlines (TWA, AA, US Airways, America West)
  • United Airlines (UA, Continental)
  • Delta Air Lines (Delta, Northwest Airlines, Western Airlines)
  • Southwest Airlines (Valujet, Airtran)
Why did oil service companies fall on market yesterday? Maybe -- companies take hit as Venezuela devalues currency (I couldn't find link that didnt' require log-in, sorry)

Section A:

Pope resigns (no links; story everywhere)

ObamaPhone scams on front page; I'm shocked, shocked! [Added: for the occasional reader that does not "get" the reference: the original ObamaPhone woman.]

Page 3 and we've talked about page 3 before -- two stories of note --
Businesses weigh response if new climate rules come: China won't be affected by new rules

Pentagon readies budget ax: maybe the first to go -- $16/gallon of algae fuel vs $4 diesel; $600 toilets;

Op-ed: in Venezuela, plenty of oil, not enough food -- government interferes with the marketplace, and the result is scarcity

Op-ed: when you pay more for tomatoes later this year, think.... well, you can almost guess....

Op-ed: few states outside the South and Mountain West have recovered faster from the financial crisis than Ohio, and now ... moving into overdrive -- slashing state income taxes...

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