Friday, September 28, 2012

Google It And Follow The Money Trail


September 30, 2012: It may be more than just the UAE funding environmental groups in the US trying to stop tracking. Now there is a report that Russia might be proving funding for anti-fracking environmental groups in Europe The dots are starting to connect. This is very, very interesting. Link at CNBC. Same story at Yahoo/AP.

Pace's work for Gazprom has raised some eyebrows in Washington, and Hill noted that industry watchers in Europe already believe Russia is bankrolling environmental groups that are loudly opposing plans for fracking in Europe, which could cut down on Russia's natural gas market.
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This the advice I have given my daughters over the years:
  • If you don't know the answer to something, google it.
  • If something doesn't make sense to you, follow the money trail.
Those two pearls of advice came back to me today when I posted the following today (literally just a "cut and paste" of something I posted earlier). If it doesn't make sense as posted, go to the links:

From an earlier post, earlier today, September 28, 2011: 

Later, 7:07 pm: this is getting weirder by the moment. Now this story (sent to me by a reader, thank you), regarding the movie about fracking, Dimock, EPA, and starring Matt Damon.
While left-leaning Hollywood often targets supposed environmental evildoers, Promised Landwas also produced “in association with” Image Media Abu Dhabi, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, according to the preview’s list of credits. A studio spokesperson confirmed that AD Media is financing the film. The company is wholly owned by the government of the UAE. 
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Fracking, Dimock (Pennsylvania), EPA, Matt Damon, and all that jazz: perhaps the best link of the day, from a reader's comment. Thank you. See update above, dated "later, 7:07 pm." This is getting really, really weird. But at least we're starting to find out who is backing anti-fracking in this country. 
Bigger story: I wish I could post some other dots that connect, based on the above, but better part of valor tells me to leave that alone.


  1. Gosh, why would the United Arab Emirates want to stop the successful oil & gas drilling in the USA?

    Why, oh why? Asks the wiseguy in Montana.