Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eighteen (18) New Permits; Three Nice Wells Including Two Strobecks; A Notable Madison Well Permanently Abandoned

Wells that came off the confidential list today were reported earlier and can be quickly accessed at the sidebar at the right, if you don't want to scroll down for the original post.

In addition, three producing wells were completed:
  • 22035, 1,962, BEXP, Strobeck 27-34 3TFH,
  • 22034, 2,944, BEXP, Strobeck 27-34 2H,
  • 22311, 2,779, XTO, Thompson 44X-20E, Blue Buttes, t5/12; cum 60K 7/12
Regular readers will know what I'm talking about: as suspected, that CLR well reported by NDIC to have had an IP of 8,231 or whatever it was, wildly inaccurate -- the NDIC corrected it today, saying that the IP was a more believable 823 bbls.

The eighteen (18) new permits:
  • Operators: EOG (4), Hess (3), Slawson (3), XTO (3), Oasis (2), Arsenal (2), True Oil, Whiting, 
  • Fields: Little Knife (Dunn), Red Wing Creek (McKenzie), Stanley (Mountrail), Indian Hill (McKenzie), Parshall (Mountrail), Lucy (Burke), Alger (Mountrail), Grinnell (Williams), Van Hook (Mountrail), Foreman Butte (McKenzie), Davis Buttes (Stark), Sanish (Mountrail), 
Comments: one of EOG's permits was for a SWD

And say "good-bye" to an old friend:
  • 6979, PNA/520, Encore, Kordon 4-5, Four Eyes oil field; a Madison well; t6/79; cum 739K 7/12;
This well is now permanently abandoned; it was spud in May, 1979. It hasn't produced any oil since mid-2010 but that's 31 years of production. It was a huge well during its first few months. And despite producing over 3/4 million bbls of well, I can't decide whether to add it to the list of "Monster Wells."

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