Monday, January 11, 2021

Getting Deep Into The Weeds With QEP's Disco Unit In Van Hook Oil Field -- January 11, 2021

Take a look at this post for background. After that post and an earlier post regarding a sister well to that well, a reader wrote me suggesting I take another look at these wells to see if one might be able to learn more about the Bakken.

The reader writes:

Just a quick note on QEP’s Disco Unit. I’ve attached a graphic on this laydown project for future reference. Six wells have been drilled .... The two wells referenced in your blog – MHA 7-27 & 7-29 have different TDs as referenced in the drilling reports. 

This is the reader's attached graphic:

If I'm reading the graphic correctly, there are two Disco units, a pad to the north - 1-28A - and a pad to the south - 8-28A

The NDIC maps suggests eight permitted locations for the north unit, 1-28A, of which permits for two locations were canceled, leaving six locations on the north pad.

This post will discuss only the six wells on the north pad. I am ignoring the south pad for now. None of those wells on the south pad have been spud; they are permitted locations only. For the record, the south pad has two rows of six locations each (a total of twelve locations). Permits for two of those locations, leaving ten wells yet to be drilled.

So, back to the north unit.

My handwritten notes regarding those six wells:


  • Six wells: I've labeled them #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6, north to south. 
    • The top two are still carried as confidential by the NDIC.
    • The bottom four are all drl/NC.

#1: Three Forks         (#35453)
#2: Three Forks         (#35455)

#3: Middle Bakken   (#35454)
#4: Middle Bakken   (#35456)

#5: Three Forks        (#35449)
#6: Three Forks        (#35451)

    • The odd-numbered horizontals run to the east, arrows pointing to the right.
    • The even-numbered horizontals run to the west, arrows pointing to the left.

I abbreviated the well names to keep it simple:

  • #1: 7-27 (chronologic #7; bottom hole ends in section 27)
  • #2: 7-29
  • #3: 5-27
  • #4: 5-29 (chronologic #5; bottom hole ends in section 29)

  • #5: 4-27
  • #6: 4-29 (chronologic #4; bottom hole ends in section 29)

Now for the total vertical depths, measured:


  • Middle Bakken:    10,219'
  • Three Forks:                             10,278'   


  • Middle Bakken:    10,218'   
  • Three Forks:                               10,288'


  • Middle Bakken:    10,213'
  • Three Forks:


  • Middle Bakken:    10,220'
  • Three Forks:


  • Middle Bakken:    10,214'
  • Three Forks:                              10,274'              


  • Middle Bakken:    10,217'
  • Three Forks:                            10,268'

I will leave it here, waiting for more observations and comments from the reader.

Note: in a note like there will be content and typographical errors. In addition, I may be misreading things that the reader can clarify.

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