Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Huge Year For ND Farmers -- On Track To Be #1 Sunflower Producer In The US -- October 14, 2020


Later, 6:22 p.m. CDT: based on comments from a reader regarding corn in southern Minnesota, my hunch is that the entire midwest, Ohio west to Montana, is going to have bumper crops this year.

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North Dakota poised to be the nation's leading sunflower producer for 2020 -- the Williston Herald.  Data points:

  • 1.23 billion pounds .... but look at this -- up a staggering 64% from 2019 -- if realized
    • nationwide sunflower production: 2.81 billion pounds
    • 1.23 / 2.81 = 44% of nation's production produced by North Dakota
      • others: Minnesota, South Dakota, Kansas, Colorado, and Texas
    • in addition, coincidentally, the nation's total production is on track to be 44% greater than last year (2019)
    • overall planting is up 10% but, again look at this: the yield is 170 pounds higher than last year -- that -- if it holds, that's one pound below the record
      • sunflowers run about 2,000 pounds/acre
    • North Dakota harvest is at 24%; well ahead of 3% last year and well ahead of the five-year 10% average
  • other harvesting updates, for North Dakota:
    • corn is 25% harvested, well ahead of last year's 1% and the five-year 9 percent average
    • soybeans: 83% harvested; well ahead of last year's 14% and the five-year 54% average
    • sugar beets: 92% harvested (compare with Montana, only 22% harvested)
    • potatoes: 95% harvested; well ahead of last year's 54% and the 75% average
    • dry edible beans: 96% harvested; well ahead of 50% last year, and ahead of the five-year 86% average
  • finally: winter wheat planting in ND -- 91% planted, well ahead of last year's dismal 63% last year, and even ahead of the five-year 83% average
Looks like that little bit of global warming is just about right.

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