Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Most Under-Reported Story: A Follow-Up Story To Covid-19 And The Sturgis Rally -- August 26,2020

Note: In a long note like this and done quickly, there will be content and typographical errors. If this is important to you, go to the source. When looking at statistics from the linked site, be sure to check out whether you are looking at "today's" data which would be incomplete or "yesterday's" data which would be more complete.

Compare the total number of deaths in the Bakken with the total number of deaths in the city of Mandan or the city of Bismarck.

I've pretty much lost interest in Covid-19 for reasons which I've already discussed, but this was beyond the pale. Cases in North Dakota have hit an all-time high; Bismarck is off the chart compared to Fargo with regard to number of active cases. Grand Forks, home of UND, is not far behind Bismarck. But is the number of deaths in Fargo compared to the rest of the cities in North Dakota that really grabs your attention. 

I've not seen any follow-up reporting yet with regard to Covid-19 and the Sturgis rally.

I track the Wuhan flu here

At that site you can track statistics by state

From The Bismarck Tribune today:

Deaths per capita, North Dakota and South Dakota almost identical, yesterday's data:
  • North Dakota statistics here. By deaths per capita, North Dakota is ranked #41 with 181 deaths per million and had strict lock down mandates.
  • South Dakota statistics here. By deaths per capita, South Dakota is ranked #40 with 182 deaths per million and had minimal lock down mandates and allowed the annual Sturgis rally to proceed.

Cases per million, yesterday's data:

  • North Dakota is #29 with 13,423 cases per million population
  • South Dakota #32 with 13,005 cases per million population (better)

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