Tuesday, May 21, 2019

McKenzie County -- #1 Crude Oil Producing County In The Entire United States -- May 21, 2019

Link here.

This is pretty cool.

I wonder if Jane Nielson has seen this? She's the one who famously said there might be some oil in the Bakken but it won't be much.

Now, about ten years later, McKenzie County, in the heart of the Bakken, is the #1 crude oil producing county in the entire United States.


As much as I like to brag on the Bakken, the real story this time is New Mexico. This is huge for New Mexico. New Mexico is not a rich state by any stretch of the imagination. If they manage their newfound wealth well, their citizens will do very, very well.

By the way, the other three major oil producing counties in North Dakota each produce around seven (7) million bbls/month.  I could imagine of those three eventually moving into the top ten, although before it's all over, counties in New Mexico and Texas many more spots in the top 10.


  1. President Doofus said, that Drill Baby Drill was a foolish idea..Can you Imagine the Extra Money in the Local County coffers of these Big oil producing Counties, From the Expanded Jobs and Expanded Oil Royalty.. don

    1. It's absolutely incredible, and as happy as I am for North Dakota, I am really thrilled for New Mexico. It truly is a very poor state; lots of beautiful land but not much economic enterprise. So this is great for New Mexico, and, of course, for western, dry, remote Texas.

      I doubt we will ever get a really true accounting of how incredibly "awful" (for lack of a better word) President Obama really was.

  2. Love to just see an overall list. Karnes, Reeves, Midland would be high also.

    1. I'll watch for a Texas list. It's easy to find a North Dakota list.

      My hunch: the list is going to change significantly as the Permian reaches its stride.

    2. Counties by NG production would be interesting also. I tried approximating it using shaleprofile.com. They don't really have a suitable view in the free site. But I did cum production ranking by county, restricting it to wells started in 2017 & 2018 (to try to get recent production ranking).

      McKenzie was first ND county at 12th (surprised it was even that high...but it is an oil powerhouse, so is some gas too). List obtained:

      1. Susquehanna (NE PA part of Marcellus)
      2. De Soto (LA Haynesville sweet spot)
      3. Washington (SW PA part of Marcellus)
      4. Reeves (southern Delaware part of the Permian)
      5. Weld (CO, sweet spot of Niobrara)
      6. Greene (SW PA part of Marcellus)
      7. Webb (TX, southern EF, bordering Mexico)
      8. Karnes (TX, sweet spot of EF oil)
      9. Eddy (NM, northern Delaware part of Permian)
      10. Bradford (NW PA part of Marcellus)
      11. Loving (TX, central Delaware part of the Permian, borders NM)
      12. McKenzie (ND Bakken, biggest oil producing county in US)

      Note: that this is hz wells only and recent ones. Also, OK is excluded.

    3. That took a lot of work. Thank you, much appreciated. For easier access I brought it up as a stand-alone post: https://themilliondollarway.blogspot.com/2019/05/reason-1-why-i-love-to-blog-feedback.html.