Sunday, April 28, 2019

One More Thing Regarding Hess This Past Week -- April 28, 2019

Wow, I hate to bring this up. There has already been an overwhelming amount of blogging devoted to Hess the past few days, but did anyone catch this?
From an April 25, 2019, post: ONEOK will expand the Bakken NGL Pipeline -- press release, data points:
  • $100 million project
  • 75-mile extension
  • NGL pipeline
  • will provide NGLs to ONEOK's Elk Creek Pipeline
  • will connect the northern portion of the Bakken NGL Pipeline with a third-party NG processing plant in eastern Williams County
  • should be complete by 4Q20 
The pipeline will connect with a third-party NG processing plant in eastern Williams County.

Unless I missed it or misread it, I don't think the press release identified the NG processing plant by name.

Natural gas processing plants in North Dakota are tracked here. The spreadsheet currently goes out to 2021.
ONEOK has NG processing plants in Williams County but they are to the west.

Whiting has an NG processing plant in Ray. eastern Williams County but only 10 million cfpd. Likewise, other eastern Williams County NG processing plants are very small with one exception.

The exception: Hess' Tioga gas plant. Which announced that expansion.

Connection? I don't know. 

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