Saturday, February 2, 2019

Great Essay On The Davis Refinery Near Dickinson, ND -- At The Oilman Magazine -- February 2, 2019

700 acres of land. Compare that to the Williston refinery -- which was fairly substantial for Williston back in the 1950s -- on only 42 acres of land. 

Link here.
For years, the Bakken has been known to be a major oil and gas hub and it is the third largest U.S. shale oil field, behind the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford, in Texas. Primarily located in North Dakota, it also runs through Montana and two Canadian provinces – Manitoba and Saskatchewan....
The advantageous Bakken location was not lost on Meridian Energy Group, Inc., a leading developer of innovative advanced technology and environmentally‐compliant oil refining facilities, as they are currently in the process of building a state‐of‐the‐art crude oil refinery on over 700 acres of land (actual refinery footprint is about 150 acres) near Belfield, North Dakota – the heart of the Bakken. The Davis Refinery will be located close to oil and gas pipelines and major transportation highways. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail line runs directly through the refinery site, facilitating the construction of a crude oil feedstock offloading and refined fuels uploading terminal. Its location is strategic, placing it with direct access to major transportation infrastructure.

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