Tuesday, February 26, 2019

EOG And Oasis To Report -- 4Q18 And Full Year 2018

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EOG: reports after market close today. Consensus: $1.35.

Oasis: reports after market close today. Consensus: 4 cents.

4Q18 and Full Year

Website here.

Press release.

It's not good news when you have to wade through mountains of data to get to top line and bottom line results but here they are.

New income:
  • 4Q18: $222.0 million
  • FY18: a net loss of $35.3 million
  • 4Q18: adjusted net loss, non-GAAP: $7.3 million or 2 cents/share loss
  • FY18, non-GAAP income: $79.6 million or 26 cents/share
Someone smarter than I will have to sort this out.

4Q18 and Full Year

Link here.  

  • 4Q18 income: $893 million or $1.54/share -- slamming consensus of $1.35 
  • 4Q17 income: $2.4 billion or $4.20/share 
But look at this, full year:
  • 2018: record net income of $3.4 billion or $5.89/share 
  • 2017: $2.6 billion or $4.46/share 
  • adjusted non-GAAP, 4Q18: $718 million or $1.24/share 
  • adjusted non-GAAP, 4Q17: $401 million or 69 cents/share 
But look at this, again, income:
  • full year, adjusted non-GAAP net income, 2018: $3.2 billion, or $5.54/share 
  • full year, adjusted non-GAAP net income, 2017: $648 million, or $1.12/share
Am I reading that correctly?

From the press release:
  • earns record net income in 2018 generates significant net cash from operating activities 
  • free cash flow exceeds fourth quarter crude oil and NGL production target midpoints 
  • increases proved reserves by 16% 
  • replaces 238% of 2018 production at sub-$10 finding cost 
  • targets improved capital efficiency, significant investment in high-quality new drilling potential and 12-16% U.S. crude oil volume growth in 2019, funded with net cash from operating activities at $50 oil

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