Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Not To Spoil Your Day, But .... September 18, 2018

... could be another great day for CBR -- when the Iowa Supreme Court makes its decision .... re: the DAPL. The good news:
  • by rail, it's really not all that far to Illinois;
  • as the price of oil goes up, the pipeline/rail differential becomes less consequential;
  • CBR is much more flexible than pipe (link here); and, 
  • wow, the rails are going to do very, very well
Later: I would assume that if the DAPL is shut down, there will be a lot of unhappy surface owners, towns, cities, and states. Apparently landowners got paid over $20,000 an acre for their easements.  If they'd have sold the land outright, they'd have banked 1/3 to 1/2 that.  Now, they've still got the land - and it'll produce at some level.  Liked the incongruity of "undisturbed" vs. "drainage tile" pointed out.

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