Monday, July 23, 2018

Idle Chatter Regarding MRO Re-Fracks In Bailey Oil Field -- July 23, 2018

I have looked at a lot of MRO wells in the Bailey oil field. It is clear the MRO has an active re-frack program in that field (I think the company may have even mentioned that a long time ago -- I've long forgotten). Be that as it may, I have a tag -- MRO re-fracks. I assume I've missed tagging a lot of re-fracks that I have posted, not to even mention all the re-fracks I have completely missed. I have spent most of my time looking at 16xxxx permits when it comes to MRO re-fracks; I don't recall how many 17xxx permits I have looked at.

I feel pretty comfortable suggesting that "every" 16xxx MRO permit/well is a candidate for re-fracking. I'm about ready to quit looking for new 16xxx MRO re-fracks and am curious about:
  • 17xxx MRO re-fracks; and,
  • 16xxx MRO re-fracks of re-fracks (that may be another four or five years before we see that, but the Bakken moves fast and there's a lot of innovation / experimentation; I think folks are curious what re-fracks of a re-frack might look like (I'm talking about medium or full re-fracks, not re-works or "mini-re-fracks."
Disclaimer: in a long list like this there are bound to be typographical and factual errors. In addition, the list is dynamic and will be changed almost daily. If the numbers don't add up, it simply means I made an error.

MRO oil and gas permits in Bailey oilfield:
  • total: 190
    • A: 137
    • Conf: 13
    • IA: 21
    • NC (DUCs):  9
    • PNC: 7
    • TA:  3
  • 15xxx: 1
  • 16xxx: 40
  • 17xxx: 22
  • 18xxx: 14
  • 19xxx: 4
  • 20xxx: 6
  • 21xxx: 6
  • 22xxx: 12
  • 23xxx: 3
  • 24xxx: 8
  • 25xxx: 6
  • 26xxx: 0
  • 27xxx; 0
  • 28xxx: 16
  • 29xxx: 12
  • 30xxx: 5
  • 31xxx: 0
  • 32xxx: 0
  • 33xxx: 24
  • 34xxx: 9

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