Saturday, June 9, 2018

Week 23: June 3, 2018 -- June 9, 2018

This may have been the biggest energy story this past week and reported almost nowhere.
"China surprised everyone by announcing it will not issue approvals for any new solar power installations this year and will also cut the feed-in tariff subsidy that has been a major driver of the solar business in China." It may not be a big story; I don't know, but it seems somewhat interesting.
The other big story outside the Bakken this past week: Venezuela fails to meet crude oil contracts.

And, we might have seen the "bottom" for WTI for the current "cycle" -- lasting through the driving season.

Huge initial production from an Antelope-Sanish MRO pad

CLR is blowing away the competition in the Bakken -- SeekingAlpha contributor
Updating a CLR 2560-acre drilling unit in Elm Tree oil field
Random update of a CLR Syracuse well
The CLR Syracuse/Chicago wells have been updated
An old Slawson Bazooka well updated
A very old QEP MHA well in Deep Water Creek Bay field updated
Update of an old EOG well in Parshall oil field
Update of a Bruin well that was off-line for 1.5 years
Getting ready to open up Tier 3 and Tier 4 areas?
Random update of MRO's activity in the Bailey oil field; also here;
Random "observations" in the Bakken this past week -- I need to go back and follow up on some of these wells
Short note on Zavanna
Update on the oldest CLR Anna well
How neighboring fracks might extend production for older wells 

How pipeline operators can manipulate the price of oil 

Bakken 2.0
Update of wells that came off confidential list two years ago

Bakken economy
Man-camps filling up again in the Bakken 
MDU acquires Tri-City Paving, Inc

Permian Basin continues to overwhelm takeaway pipeline capacity
Implosion of Venezuela's oil sector surprises lead contributor over at

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