Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Environmental Page, T+237 -- September 14, 2017

So much for all that global warming talk.

Hurricane Jose will be a tropical storm by Friday(tomorrow), hardly ever doing much as a hurricane.

Also, it appears all that talk about warmer Atlantic oceans fueling Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma: apparently just that -- talk. In fact, meteorologists with no agenda suggest that the ocean waters "were not much warmer" than usual, and the strength and cone of the hurricanes had more to do with wind patterns than with "warming" regardless of source of any warming.

Regardless of one's "beliefs", however, I think we all learned a lot more about "steering winds" after Hurricane Harvey. Until Hurricane Harvey I don't recall ever hearing about "steering winds," much less paying attention to them. See first comment for additional information on all of this.

Something to talk about.

Something To Talk About, Bonnie Raitt

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