Thursday, May 4, 2017

Make America Great Again -- First Time Claims Plunge 19,000 -- May The Force Be With You -- May 4, 2017

First time unemployment claims: posted.
  • prior: 257,000
  • consensus: 246K
  • consensus range: 245 - 250,000
  • actual: a huge beat -- dropped 19,000 to 238,000  
  • 4-week moving average: 243,000
  • it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media reports this
  • futures market unchanged after release of data
Engaged! I haven't watched MSNBC or "Morning Joe" in months. Then this linked by Drudge (thank goodness for Drudge): Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski are engaged to be married. Wow. Both are divorcees. He has had two divorces.

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