Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 15: April 9, 2017 -- April 15, 2017

US crude oil storage is hitting record highs -- the amount of storage is less interesting than the pace of the increase in storage. US crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico is also increasing significantly. On top of all this, the EIA increased its forecast for US oil production: US crude oil production should reach 9.9 million bopd by 2018. On the other hand, US refinery throughput is surging.

Wood Mackenzie and Goldman Sachs on opposite side of the supple/demand coin.

Saudis challenges continue; Bloomberg calls it a "debt binge."; Jack Kemp's data here

Surprise! Surprise! North Dakota production back up over 1 million bopd
Director's Cut -- February data posted
Bakken, production, by field, decline, month-over-month
Bakken, production, by field, increase, month-over-month
Bakken, production, by well/field
Bakken, production, by field
Statoil adds a rig

Whiting's 15.3 million lb, 50-stage frack
Random update of completion solutions in the Bakken

Bakken 101
Choking back wells remotely

Bakken economy
Airport to break ground next week
Paddlefish update: North Star Caviar to halt fish cleaning operations for first time in 25 years; undersold by the Chinese
Among the 50 states, North Dakota is #3 in energy consumption per capita
North Dakota: #1 state for millennials

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