Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Retail Gasoline On East Coast 6 Cents Lower Than National Average -- Colonial Gasoline Pipeline Back On-Line After Spill / Interruption - November 8, 2016

All that anxiety about the Colonial Pipeline gasoline spill and interruption? Never mind:
Gasoline is expected to reach as far north as Charlotte, North Carolina within a day of Line 1's restart. Gasoline shipments on Colonial's system are expected to reach as far north as Baltimore, Maryland, by Tuesday and to reach their northern terminus in Linden, New Jersey, near New York Harbor, by Wednesday.
EIA's weekly retail price for regular gasoline for the Lower Atlantic (PADD 1C) was $2.17/g as of Monday, November 7, virtually unchanged from the previous week, and 6 cents/g below the national average. -- EIA

The Tesla Page

We drove through Prum, Germany, many times when we were stationed at Bitburg Air Base many decades ago. Sleepy little town. I'm not sure why we visited Prum except that we had friends in the area. Link here.
In the midst of seeking investor approval for a merger with SolarCity Corp., Tesla made a surprise announcement that it’s acquiring a small German engineering firm to help automate and accelerate production at its factories.
The carmaker led by tech industrialist Elon Musk said in a blog post today that it plans to buy Grohmann Engineering, based in PrĂ¼m, Germany, and rename it Tesla Grohmann Automation.
The firm, led by founder Klaus Grohmann, specializes in highly automated manufacturing techniques and will help Tesla fulfill Musk’s goal of designing the “machine that builds the machine,” his vision of advanced vehicle production that’s a step change from current conventions.
The Apple Page

Ireland will formally appeal that $14 billion Apple tax ruling this week. Link here.
Apple previously said it is "confident" the ruling "will be overturned" by European courts, but noted the process is "likely to take several years."
Apple said it has "provisioned several billion dollars for the U.S. for payment," but it does not expect any near-term impact on its financial results.
The Atmospheric CO2 Page

Link here. Not much movement in the big scheme of things. Fortunately.
  • October, 2016: 401.57 (an increase of 0.8% yoy FWIW). 
  • September, 2016: 401.01
  • August, 2016: 402.24
  • July, 2016: 404.39
  • May, 2016: 407.70
  • April, 2016: 407.57
  • March, 2016: 404.83
  • February, 2016:  404.16
  • January, 2016: 402.52 
  • October, 2015: 398.29

Missing Persons Page

Whatever happened to Jon Gruber?

Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?

Whatever happened to Randolph Scott, Statler Bros

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