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Halo Effect? You Betcha -- April 22, 2016


May 10, 2017: after having looked at many other wells, I have to re-think this one. When there is a jump in production this great, it's hard to call it a halo effect; it almost has to be the result of a re-frack. In this case there is no sundry form saying this well has been re-fracked and there is no FracFocus report of a frack in 2014; by 2014, frack reporting was mandatory. The file report does say that this well as put on SI (shut-in) status while neighboring wells were being fracked but did not say that this well also being fracked. The neighboring wells being fracked by another operator. 

So, this is the conundrum: the jump in production is so high, one has to conclude it was re-fracked but no one has written in to tell me that the well was re-fracked and there is no report suggesting it has been refracked.
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Here's the relevant production profile:

Typical production / month was around 4,000 bbls of oil/month, prior to October, 2014. Then it jumped to 16,367 bbls in November, 2014.

The well?
  • 20510, 705, Zavanna, Everett 115H, Stockyard Creek, t1/12; cum 236K 2/16; off-line since December, 2015;
There were two other middle Bakken wells that intersected this well, and were fracked in September, 2014 

The interesting thing is that #20510 was a Zavanna well; the wells that intersected this well were Slawson wells.

Earth Day, 1970: Predictions

Four predictions:
  • the civilized world would end in three decades -- Nobel laureate George Wald.
  • England would be hit by food shortage; civilization would collapse -- Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb
  • gas masks would be required in cities, due to pollution -- Life Magazine
  • the world's supply of oil would run out -- Kenneth Watt, an ecologist
I'm serious: was there any prediction in 1970 that panned out?

We need to jail global warming skeptics -- Bill Nye, the science guy.


Taxi, Henry Chapin
If not the best song ever, it's on the top ten list.

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