Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oil Patch Worries? Not For Some -- March 1, 2016

Pick-up sales in Texas doing well:
Ford Motor Co U.S. sales chief Mark LaNeve said on Tuesday that pickup truck sales in Texas have been robust despite the drop in oil prices.
Several auto dealership groups have said sales of pickup trucks as well as German luxury car sales in Texas have been pressured by lower energy prices.
  • 20 Corvettes available in Williston
  • something tells me one can get as good a deal on Corvettes in Williston as anywhere in the US right now
I Tend To Disagree

The Washington Post says Disneyland is "screwing" the American family.

Many years ago I thought entrance tickets to Disneyland were excessive, but not anymore. The price of tickets vary based on age, the day you go, and discounts available, but basically plan on $100/day/person. Active duty military, their families, and military retirees can get greatly discounted tickets.

Staying at a non-Disneyland motel in the immediate area will cost a family upwards of $200/night. Compare the amenities of that low-cost motel with what you get for a full day at Disneyland. And I do mean a full-day: I forget when the gates open, but 10:00 a.m. (for sure, some tickets provide early opening times) and lasts well past 9:00 p.m., after dark for the fireworks display.

Unless you live in southern California, air fare will cost $100 to $500/family traveling from inside the US. Compare the experience of that air flight with your day in Disneyland.

$100 for ObamaCare won't go far covering your monthly health care insurance premium. And compare you medical experience with your day in Disneyland.

A rental car? With insurance? Maybe $75/day for a few hours driving; compare that experience with Disneyland.

Compare the price of Disneyland with any cruise ship to the Caribbean.

Compare the price of Disneyland with any of the other theme parks or water parks in southern California and one will see Disneyland still offers the best "bang for the buck."

I think the writers at The Washington Post are forgetting that Disneyland is a unique experience. Americans must think so, too, and accept the price: some days Disneyland is so full, they have to close the gates before noon for new arrivals. And I've never been there when the traffic on "Main Street" is almost shoulder-to-shoulder.

A 3-day hopper for $255 is unbeatable for what one gets at Disneyland. A family of four ($1,000) will get three full days in the best two theme parks in the United States, or perhaps #2, second to DisneyWorld in Florida.

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