Tuesday, April 7, 2015

North Dakota Has Not Less Than 22 Oil Fields On The List Of The Top 100 Oil Fields In The United States

This is really cool -- despite the fact that the data is over a year old. (Auto manufacturers get their monthly data out the day following the end of each month; in contrast, it takes about fourteen (14) months for the federal government to get their data out. (I can think of a dozen reasons why this occurs.)

Regardless, this is really cool -- the top 100 oil fields in the United States (the link is now broken; this link takes you directly to the EIA PDF). North Dakota has several on the list and nine North Dakota fields broke the top 50 for the first time.

Here are the North Dakota fields and their ranking:

19. Stanley (never would have guessed)
21. Cedar Hills (a CLR field?) (ND, MT, and SD)
22. Elk Hills
28. Sanish (yup)
30. Siverston (nice)
31. Heart Butte
32. Russian Creek (never would have guessed)
33. Banks
34. Elm Coulee (MT) -- not North Dakota; Montana is that big state to the west of North Dakota and South Dakota; the Bakken boom began in 2000 in Elm Coulee in Montana
41. Truax
49. East Fork
54. Reunion Bay
57. Alger
58. Antelope
61. Blue Buttes
64. Alkali Creek
68. Camp
69. Grail
70. Charlson
77. McGregory Buttes
84. Murphy Creek
95. Robinson Lake

"Yes, there is some oil there (the Bakken), but not much." -- Jane Nielson.

There are a lot of story lines with this article, but I don't have time to go into them now.


See first comment below, "What happened to the Parshall?"  Many, many reasons why the Parshall did not make the list this time, but Parshall will eventually make the list. Some of the reasons can be seen in the graphic below. The screenshot only includes part of the Sanish and part of the Parshall (the Sanish to the west; the Parshall to the east). Perhaps not easily seen in this graphic, approximately only the west half of the Parshall is particularly productive; the eastern half is of less interest to EOG at the moment.


  1. what happened to the Parshall Field??

    1. There are many, many reasons; too many to list in a comment box. I provided some feedback in the original post above, under "Updates."