Thursday, February 27, 2014

Volatlity Of Bakken Crude Oil

The Dickinson Press is reporting:
A study of a fresh sample of crude oil from the Bakken shale in North Dakota published this week showed sharply lower levels of volatile vapors compared to previous tests, potentially raising new questions about the danger of shipping it by rail.
The latest data from Marathon Petroleum’s Capline Pipeline unit, which publishes so-called “assays” on the quality of over 100 types of crude on its website, showed a sharp fall in the oil’s vapor pressure, a common measure of a fuel’s ability to evaporate and give off combustible gases.
While the data offers only a single snapshot of the properties for a batch of so-called “North Dakota Sweet,” a term for Bakken crude, it may raise more questions about the combustibility of the oil, which has been cited in several fiery derailments in recent months.
Well, that makes me feel better. 

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