Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best States For Business; Other Williston Wire Highlights

North Dakota has moved to the #2 spot, well ahead of Texas, #7. I was surprised that North Dakota beat out North Carolina. I don't quite agree that Virginia, ranking #22 in business costs vs #3 for North Dakota deserves to be in the top spot. Virginia is #4 vs North Dakota, #19, in quality of life -- that is entirely subjective. How does one even begin to measure that?

It's hard to believe that North Dakota is #17 in regulatory environment and Virginia is #1. But I guess I shouldn't complain. North Dakota has been moving up the list for the past several years. I never thought it would get this high.

Other highlights from The Williston Wire (no links; it is easy to subscribe to The Williston Wire):

The Williston Brewing Company has opened to big crowds. It's quite a story: Angel Cervantes and Dennis Pacifico from Phoenix.

Famous Dave's will open in Williston in December, 2013. Where are all these eateries finding employees?

Parshall welcomes a new Mexican restaurant.

The new Wild Bison Travel Center opened southwest of Alexander. I guess it was Jack's Store; now Wild Bison Travel Center. Very early in the blog I have a photograph of the sign for Jack's Store announcing its future site. This has gone from a 3,000-square foot building to a 13,500-square foot travel center. Southwest of Alexander. The city that will soon be getting a crude oil storage center. Huge things happening in Alexander.

Construction begins on Watford City bypass. This will be southwest of the city. It is interesting that in the three cities in the heart of the Bakken (Williston, Watford City, Alexander): it is the southwest side of the cities that is experiencing the oil traffic.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol will add 15 new officers after Thanksgiving.

Ray, North Dakota, is looking to have its own police department, something they have not had in years.

Missouri Meadows, four miles east of Williston's Wal-Mart, is now open for business: 109 one-acre lots.

A Massachusetts developer plans 162 new housing units for Crosby.

Now that the county has nixed Christ's mission for the homeless, the city of Williston will study what to do next for the homeless. WWJD?

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