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Random Update Of OXY's Three Matthew Schmidt Wells In The Cabernet Field -- Teegue Says The Article in Petroleum News Is Bogus


July 22, 2012: it looks like the two newest Matthew Schmidt wells (#22917 and #22918) will be 21-stage fracks. No new information at the well file except for permit for fresh water tank placement for fracking water.

May 29, 2013: see the May 8, 2013, note. The wells are not completed; they are on DRL status, but the well files are available. Both wells are standard long laterals (2 miles), not super long laterals (3 miles) and are 1280-acre spacing. Nothing special about these wells as Petroleum News implied.

May 8, 2013: Teegue agrees.  Teegue says the article in Petroleum News is bogus. The article about OXY USA's Matthew Schmidt wells #2 and #3 cannot possibly be super long laterals (3-mile long).  If accurate (and I assume it is), and if Petroleum News does not provide a correction or explanation, it certainly hurts that site's credibility.

Later, 5:09 pm: A reader sent me a note saying that Petroleum News is reporting that the Matthew Schmidt wells (#2 and #3) will be 3-mile long laterals (super long laterals).  The reader says Petroleum News reports that #3 has already reached total depth, but remains on confidential status, so we don't know. The NDIC states these two wells are on DRL status, not confidential status, but that's a fine point. The planning reports for both wells clearly show these were to be standard long laterals, so if they did go three sections (3 miles, super long laterals), that paperwork is not in the well file.

This would be a strange place to put a 3-mile lateral. There are some super long laterals, but mostly under the water. There are exceptions. EOG has some super long laterals that are not under the water.

So, I don't know how to explain. Will have to wait to see when they come off DRL status. Neither are on the NDIC confidential well list today. Nabors B10 is on the Matthew #2 site according to the NDIC website today.

Original Post

A reader asked about OXY USA's Matthew Schmidt wells.

One has been active for quite some time, the other two are on DRL status, and one of the two has a rig on site, according to the NDIC GIS map server.

Here are the Matthew Schmidt wells, T144N-R97W:
  • 18427, 876, sited in section 35, OXY USA, Matthew Schmidt 1-35-2H-143-97, Cabernet, t5/22; cum 143K 3/13;
  • 22917, drl, sited in section 26, OXY USA, Matthew Schmidt 2-35-3H-144-97, Cabernet,
  • 22918, drl, sited in section 26, OXY USA, Matthew Schmidt 3-35-2H-144-97, Cabernet
More data points regarding these three wells:
  • 18427, Matthew Schmidt #1: total depth, 20,000 feet; 1280-acre spacing; horizontal runs south
  • 22917, Matthew Schmidt #2, estimated total depth: 21,161 feet, 1280-acre spacing, sections 35/144-97 and 2/143-97; 350 FSL 950 FWL
  • 22918, Matthew Schmidt #3, estimated total depth: 21,260 feet, 1280-acre spacing, sections 35/144-97 and 2/143-97; 350 FSL 1000 FWL
There is a Continental Resources well in this immediate area, sited in section 26, but the horizontal runs north; sections 23/26 - 144-97; total depth: 20,090 feet; 1280-acre spacing; t12/11; cum 154K 3/13; the horizontal was estimated to be 10,876 feet at the time of the application;
  • 20797, 1,208, CLR, Entzel 1-26H, Cabernet, 30 stages; 2.8 million lbs sand/ceramics;
An interesting observation can be made with regard to #2 and #3 with regard to spacing on the well pad, the legal names of the wells, and the estimated depths of the two wells. The middle Bakken is estimated to be about 60 feet thick in much of the Williston Basin.

OXY USA wells are followed here.

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