Thursday, April 11, 2013

Williston Wire Headlines; New Town Proposed North Of Williston: "Bakken Village"


April 17, 2013: Note the headline story below -- talk of a new city north of Williston. Now The Bismarck Tribune is reporting the story:
A group that helped incorporate a new city in western South Dakota eight years ago might now do the same in western North Dakota's booming oil patch.
Four Front Design and the owners of property north of Williston have presented a plan for Bakken Village to the Williams County Commission, which has set up a task force to look into the possibility. North Dakota's secretary of state also would have to approve any new city.
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  • Meadows Development: housing lots in first and second phase their subdivision, now available for purchase.
  • Elk Ridge Subdivision begins selling lots.
  • North Dakota funds affordable rental housing during oil boom.
  • Developers propose new city at 13-mile corner: "Bakken Village."
  • Washington family opens candy store in Williston.
  • Williston police department will grow to 38 officers by mid-2013, from 22 in 2007.
  • Rail expansion in New Town hopes to reduce truck traffic. Dakota Plains Holdings Inc plans a large expansion to move crude from New Town via rail. The expansion will involve builidng two 8,300 long loops of railroad track to load oil onto unit trains. Each track can accommodate 120 rail cars.
  • McKenzie County expects to grow to 11,500 over the next two years.
  • Cobblestone Hotels is building a new hotel in three small ND towns: Harvey, 32-room; B Bottineau , 45-room; and, Rugby, 36-room hotel.

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