Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just One More Dot To Connect --


April 23, 2012: Saudi Arabia needs CO2 for EOR in its old, declining fields. See first comment below. 

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Link here to Minyanville.

Minyanville asks the question: which refinery in the US is about to become the biggest refinery -- within the next month?

Data points:
  • Trainer, COP -- about to close
  • Girard Point, Sunoco -- about to close
  • Marcus Hook, Sunoco -- about to close
  • Port Arthur, Saudi Refining/Shell -- about to become the biggest in US; among 10 largest in the world
How did this happen? First, increased oil production
  • Eagle Ford
  • Permian Basin
  • Bakken 
  • Athabasca Oil Sands near Alberta, Canada
Second, Seaway Pipeline reversal (Enbridge and Enterprise Products Partners)
Port Arthur, Sabine, Texas
  • undergoing massive expansion
  • capacity will more than double to 600,000 bopd
  • will become largest in US; surpass XOM's Baytown by approx 40,000 bopd
  • world's largest: Jamnagar, Gujarat, India: 1.24 bopd 
  • Port Arthur expansion: joint venture between Saudi Refining and Shell
  • Saudi Refining: a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian national oil company, Saudi Aramco
Serendipity, the third dot
  • expansion plans drawn up 6 years ago
  • completion will coincide with Seaway Pipeline reversal
Other implications
  • imports of crude oil into the Gulf Coast region expected to plummet by 40% by 2016
  • imports will decrease almost 2 million bopd to 5 million bopd
  • that will take a lot of crude oil tankers off the high seas

Of all the refiners in the world (XOM, COP, Total, Shell, Saudi, CVX), I find it so interesting that one of the joint partners at Port Arthur is Aramco. Who wudda thought?


    1. Core Labs said...

      CO2 is needed for Middle East EOR. None available.

      So, build billion dollar refineries. CO2 is produced.

      That is why refineries are coming there.

      Anon 1

      1. Very, very interesting. I will move this to the top of the post so folks see it.