Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recompletion Wells -- Inaugural Post -- Denbury Enters the Tyler


May 24, 2014:
  • 14713: producing again from the Madison, about 400 bbls/month; nothing from the Tyler it appears, now PNA (Tyler)
  • 13453: still producing only from the Madision, about 1,300 bbls/month; Tyler, PNA
May 4, 2013: 
  • 14713: no production from either formation in past 8 months
  • 13453: producing only from the Madison, 1,300 bbls/month; Madison, t4/07; cum 128K 3/13; 
December 19, 2012:
  • 14713: In October, no production from either formation. Cum 79K 10/12 from the Madison. 0 from the Tyler.
  • 13453: In October, no production from the Tyler. Cum 521K 4/07, from the Tyler; cum 122K 10/12 from the Madison; the Madison is producing at 1,300 bbls/month.
Original Post

This is the inaugural entry for "recompletion wells" which are occasionally on daily activity reports.

April 19, 2012
  • 14713, 30 (Madison), Denbury Onshore, South Fryburg 40-26, Fryburg Field, Billings County; s11/97; cum 78K 2/12 Madison Pool ; re-complete 4/12, Tyler Pool;
Spud date: 11/2/1997; Madison Pool; cum 78K 2/12
Re-complete date: 4/19/2012; Tyler Pool;
So this well was originally drilled back in 1997; has produced 78,000 bbls to date; a vertical well with one section spacing; now they are going back in to target the Tyler. This well is about 9 miles southwest of Belfield, in the southwest part of the state where the Tyler is being targeted.

A random example of another Madison / Heath well in this immediate area:
  • 13453, 93 (Madison); 203 (Heath); Hess, Fryburg Heath-Madison Unit J-806HR, Fryburg field; t1993 (Heath); t2007 (Madison); cum 521K 2/12 (Heath); cum 110K (Madison) 2/12; the Heath last produced in 2007; the Madison is producing about 1,800 bbls/month.


    1. So are you going to revistit these recompletion wells with a blog on their recompleted output in say 6 months and then in a year?? Would be of interest to me , and I am sure other blog readers.

      1. Oh, yes, I will. Thank you. You reminded me I need to include a follow-up date in the tag/label area. Yes, I will follow up these re-completion wells.

        Until now, I have pretty much concentrated only on new permits and IPs in the daily activity reports, but it looks like I will start following other data more closely: recompletion permits; canceled permits; expired permits.