Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019, T+6, Part 6 -- US Retail Bounces Back

Pipelines: from US News -- and if from US News it must be true -- seven pipeline with big dividends worth buying -- open book test for investors -- 
  • Antero Midstream, 8%
  • Buckeye Partners: 9%
  • DCP Midstream: 9%; consistency in income
  • Enable Midstream Partners: 9%
  • EnLink Midstream: 8%
  • MPLX LP: 8%; market cap -- $26 billion
  • Targa Resources: 9%; market cap -- $9 billion
Note: until late next week I won't be paying much attention to national news. Watching a lot of sports. Hockey: Stanley playoffs.  Dallas Stars scored four points in the first period last night on their way to a 5 -1 win over Nashville. Texas Rangers, baseball, doing well. Basketball, not following yet. PGA: Tiger Woods is the story.

US retail: US retail spending rebounds in March (headline is wrong); driven by autos
American consumers resumed spending in March, snapping up autos ahead of the summer driving season and pushing the US retail sector to its biggest gains in 18 months, government data showed Thursday.
The unexpectedly strong month for the key retail sector helped recover losses after December's worrisome slump, according to the Commerce Department.
More from the linked article:
The sector's performance pointed to resilience in consumption by ordinary members of the public -- a main driver of the world's largest economy -- and should support GDP growth in the first quarter, which is nevertheless expected to be weaker than the final quarter of 2018.
Total retail sales rose 1.6 percent to $514.1 billion, well above the 0.9 percent economists had been expecting.
The result put the retail sector 3.6 percent above March of last year.
Auto sales zoomed 3.1 percent higher, also the strongest showing in a year and a half, after a 0.1 percent dip.
Excluding the volatile auto sector, sales rose by a slower 0.9 percent, although this was still above expectations.
China drilling off-shore Cuba in areas where Cuban technology could not reach.

The market:
  • WTI: trading just below $64
  • Dow up 100 points; S&P up 4 points
  • Edwards Lifesciences: huge drop this week
  • UNP: holds, up $7/share today; up over 4%; now trading at $177; three years ago, $70/share
  • AAPL: maintains its momentum
  • QCOM: maintains its momentum
  • NOG: down 4%
  • JAG: flat, at just $11/share
Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.


Best AGW site on the internet: deplorable climate science.  

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