Thursday, March 7, 2019

From The FWIW Department -- Atmospheric CO2 -- March, 2019

Link here.

One year ago, February, 2018: 408.32.

Delta: 3.43 parts per 1,000,000.

The Imaginary Climate Crisis

This is a very, very long video, but some interesting data points:
  • the "flood myth" has been around since "Genesis" (the Bible); every culture, every generation has feared the "flood"; now in the 21st century, we have "rising seas" and more flooding
  • fracking was not on anyone's radar scope (something I mentioned early on -- it's interesting that someone else noted the very same thing noted on the blog many, many years ago); fracking's success was out the barn door before they could close the door;
  • the thesis of this long video is very, very interesting and goes back to Paul R Ehrlich
  • what better way to stop human growth (and literally genocide in some cases) than by killing fossil fuel; nothing else has worked; Malthus was wrong;
  • the Obama administration set the stage for the need for solar/wind to meet electricity demand since the earth was running out of oil and gas; and then fracking turned everything around
  • folks coming of age in the 1960s (like me) remember Paul R Ehrlich and the coming ice age
  • humans will do much better in a global warming scenario than in a global cooling scenario
    • see previous post regarding amount of wheat being grown globally
  • for decades -- all the decades of my life -- -- the environmental scare was an ice age, global cooling, not global warming
  • over and over, The New York Times, The [London] Guardian] -- we are running out of time
    • most recent UN scare: with no action, the earth will come to an end in 2020 -- we have but one more year
    • Occasional-Cortex says we now have twelve more years -- much better than the one year that the UN gives us: with twelve more years, all three granddaughters will be able to graduate from high school
    • Maldives were supposed to completely disappear by 2018 -- didn't happen
    • the historian points out why we are shutting down nuclear reactors -- the ground was set back during the Carter administration
    • 1988: front page of NY Times, NASA scientist Hanson started it all
    • remember the days of "water by request only" -- LOL; haven't heard that in ages (and we're still being offered plastic straws); "waters by request only" -- NYC ordinance in 1967; but since the 1970s almost no droughts in NY area; prior to 1970, lots of years of drought in NYC
    • Hanson: Manhattan under water by 2018 or 2019; Hanson stands by his predictions
    • Hanson: Arctic ice-free by 2018; not quite
    • Algore: Arctic ice-free by 2014
    • US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016
    • UN, 2005: 50 million environmental refugees within one decade - that would have been 2015; didn't see that happening;
    • Pentagon: climate change will destroy us; by the year 2020; 
    • and, it goes on and on.
  • every data point is documented; not opinion by the narrator
  • nice explanation of the Arctic ice cap this year and the severe cold we expected
  • global warming: causes more snow and cold
  • NY Times and The [London] Guardian can count on the short memories of humans
  • follow the blooming of the Washington, DC, cherry blossoms
  • this all explains why the UN and the US Congress have not supported any "Manhattan Project" to save humanity -- the movers and shakers know that the earth is not going to end in twelve years -- or even by 2100

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