Monday, February 25, 2019

God's Weather Angel (Olaf The Cold One) Managing North Dakota's Weather/Climate Did Not Get The Memo -- February 25, 209

From Deplorable Climate Science, one of the best sites out there.

There are two graphics at the linked site; I've only posted the first one, see below.

The second graphic records the average high for the day which appears to be about 20 degrees Fahrenheit so far in February. The coldest February: about 15 degrees for the average afternoon high.

The first graph is a bit more difficult to read. This is the percentage of nights that recorded temperatures below zero degrees freezing. This year, February, over 93% so far. In the record year, it was slightly lower.

So, the average temperature was slightly less cold than the record year, but the number of nights below 0 degrees freezing set an all-time record this year.

The graphic of percentage of nights below zero degrees freezing:

Also, note the trend.

It was hard to tell from the graphic, the record year. It looked like 1936 which we all  know was supposed to have been a very, very cold year.

But there it was, below the graphics:
The coldest February was 1936, which had similar weather patterns – except for southwest which was mild that year.

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