Tuesday, March 27, 2018

30-Second Elevator Speech -- March 28, 2018 -- Nothing About The Bakken

Driverless / autonomous driving: dead.

China / North Korea / US: huge turn of events. Xi-Trump-Kim triangulation. US seldom comes out in a "winning" position when two foes complete the threesome.

Mideast: off everyone's radar scope. Quiet won't last.

ObamaCare: back in the news. Most thought it was dead. Not.

Facebook: huge losses anticipated even if losses limited to a) no more selling data; b) lawsuits. If only revenue is from on-screen advertising, market value of Facebook plummets. When was the last time you clicked on an ad at your Facebook account?

California: civil war with itself over sanctuary cities. Link.

US auto industry: rolling back 2022 - 2025 CAFE standards could be worse for the auto industry than keeping them. With CAFE standards rolled back, US auto industry in a no-win situation: California vs US.

US auto industry, sticker shock: surveys suggest Americans unable to afford new models.

Tesla: I thought Tesla would survive 2018 just fine. But no more: a) Norway syndrome; b) Moody's downgrade; c) fiery crashes; d) poor craftsmanship; e) Jaguar - I-PACE - 20,000 auto fleet announced.

Market: everyone spooked.

Fake news: will only get worse. Print media: what you read, defines you.


See this post.

You can track the supertanker Shaden at this site.

Projected route of the Schaden:

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