Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Trump Economy Page (With A Little Politics Thrown In), T+283 -- October 31, 2017

A screenshot we would not have seen during a Hillary presidency:

Wow, On A Completely Different Note

... I just posted a comment at a story regarding Kevin Spacey, and now Rush Limbaugh begins his third hour with a monologue on Kevin Spacey. At same time that Netflix has suspended production of "House of Cards." Love it. [Update, November 4, 2017: Kevin Spacey is in "free fall." Everybody has abandoned him. I thought Harvey Weinstein fell fast; with Kevin's fall, I have to re-calibrate the "plummet meter."]


First Solar plunging.

Sin City

I loved "Sin City" (Quentin Tarantino) but Rush Limbaugh is exactly right -- how Hollywood portrays African-Americans and women. With regard to Harvey Weinstein, note the "anxious" laugh track.

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