Monday, January 2, 2017

DAPL Forecast Top Story; Global Warming Bringing Record Snow, Severe Cold -- January 2, 2017

I was awoken by a huge thunderstorm here in northern Texas. The thunder was severe enough to shake our apartment unit, but, surprisingly, I have not yet loss internet connection. That generally happens in thunderstorms of this magnitude. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't lose internet -- that's just a figure of speech. Obviously if I had my fingers crossed, I wouldn't be able to blog.

But I digress.

Because the thunderstorm awoke me I turned on television to see what was going on. CNBC had some banal "documentary" -- the market is closed. I surfed through MSNBC "Morning Joe" on the way to the weather channel. Top story was the severe winter weather in Bismarck and Glen Ullin.

I guessed it's called Winter Storm Gregory. The last named storm of which I was aware was Winter Storm Decima. This is the storm that will last for a couple of days, apparently, and will drop a lot of snow on "the Dakotas and Minnesota." A lot of winter snowfall records are going to be broken over the next few days. In addition to snow, it's going to be very, very cold.

By the way, while blogging this, the Weather Channel has been showing a number of videos of snowfall in Bismarck, ND.

When I was growing up in Williston, we never got much snow (except in the late 1950's); we used to say it was too cold to snow. Apparently with global warming we now get both: severe cold and huge snowstorms.

This link will show you how severe the temperatures are right now (I'm not sure if this is a dynamic link or not).

The second big story was the huge thunderstorm hitting the DFW area. It's a pretty remarkable storm, even by Texas standards.

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