Thursday, January 14, 2016

Off The Net For Awhile -- My Wife Returns Today After A Month-Long Absence -- January 14, 2016


Later, 9:40 p.m. Central Time: surprisingly she had no complaints about the house; she loved the multiple bouquets of tulips, including the bouquet in the bathroom. I prepared dinner: steelhead trout which is about as close to salmon as one can get without it actually being salmon, her favorite meal (the local grocery store with best selection of meat/seafood in the area, surprisingly, was sold out of salmon today); and tuna (sushi-grade) steak for me. Some feel steelhead trout is actually better tasting than salmon. Interesting. I did not know that. It's certainly just as expensive, if not more so.
Original Post
  • wrap her Christmas presents
  • place her huge check from her father-in-law in a nice, colorful envelope
  • throw out the empty glass bottles
  • throw out the recycling
  • laundry (most of it was done last night)
  • tulips
  • vacuum
  • wash the car (probably won't get to that today)
  • fill car tank with gasoline
  • make the bed
  • wash the dishes
  • re-position the television set so she can see it from the couch
  • get the stroller out of the living room and back in the car
  • groceries: milk, bananas, eggs

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