Monday, November 23, 2015

Still Confidential But Looks Exciting For This 2nd Bench Three Forks Well -- November 23, 2015

30404, conf, QEP, Kirkland 6-7-12T2HD, Croff, a 1280-acre unit, a Three Forks second bench:

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For The Archives

Of the 30 "worse" highway bottlenecks in the entire USA, Los Angeles has ten of them. The Los Angeles Times reports the top ten in the US and their national rankings (with my comments in parentheses):
  • #2: The 405 Freeway between the 22 and 605 freeways, in Seal Beach (right where my brother-in-law / wife live)
  • #3: The 10 Freeway between Santa Fe Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard (haven't been there in ages; I avoid the I-10 as much as possible)
  • #4: The 405 between Venice and Wilshire boulevards (yup; a real pain when going to the Getty)
  • #5: The 101 Freeway between Franklin Avenue and Glendale Boulevard (very rarely; when going to the observatory / the park)
  • #6: The 110 Freeway between Exposition Boulevard and Stadium Way (the museums in south Los Angeles)
  • #7: The 101 between Sepulveda and Laurel Canyon boulevards (I don't recall being on that one -- north of Ventura Blvd; heading to Sherman Oaks Galleria)
  • #11: The interchange between the 5 and 110 freeways between the 101 and North Mission Road (unfair, hitting below the belt; for heaven's sake, it's an interchange, near Dodger Stadium; I'm surprised there are ten locations worse than this one)
  • #13: The 10 between La Brea Avenue and National Boulevard (as noted above, I try to avoid I-10 at all costs)
  • #14: The 5 Freeway between South Eastern and Euclid avenues (near Disneyland?)
  • #29: The 405 between Burbank and Ventura boulevards (the entire 405 is a challenge; the 405 by itself could have had all 30 spots)
  • #30: The 101 between the 110 and Alameda Street (well, duh, north of central LA, passes Union Station)
A Note For The Granddaughters

I've mentioned before that I love reviewing products over at I recently reviewed Cuties Baby Wipes. 
We take care of our 15-month-old granddaughter 24/7 when the parents are at work / at school. Next to the parents, we are the primary caregivers for her, our third granddaughter. These wipes are absolutely perfect. I had not used them before but now that I am introduced to them, I will look for them when shopping.
So that was my simple review; not much.That was about a month ago. Last week my daughter told me that she was no longer required to provide baby wipes for our 17-month-old granddaughter -- the daycare center would provide them -- and free of cost. Most interesting, they were switching to the ones we bring: Cuties Baby Wipes.

So I updated the review:

Update, November 23, 2015: this is really quite impressive. We started packing Cuties Baby Wipes in our granddaughter's daycare bag about a month ago, I suppose (time goes by quickly). The daycare center is part of a major daycare center franchise here in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. Last week I learned that the daycare center has just begun using Cuties Baby Wipes exclusively. Whether it had to do anything with our preference or whether it was entirely coincidental, it speaks volumes about the quality and affordability of this product. The daycare center is also providing these wipes free of charge; we don't have to bring our own in any more. This also speaks to the affordability. Just saying.

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