Monday, October 27, 2014

1280 Vs 640 -- October 27, 2014

Three wells that came off the confidential list over the weekend/today caught my attention:
  • 25653, 1,024, Petro-Hunt, State of North Dakota 154-99-16A-6H, Stockyard Creek, Three Forks (though app said middle Bakken), short lateral, 640 acres/ICO, 22 stages, 2.5 million lbs sand, t7/14; cum 39K 8/14;
  • 26992, 557, Slawson, Fox 5-28H, Van Hook, 640 acres/ICO, t9/14; cum 8K 8/14;
  • 27875, 1,791, Petro-Hunt, Wollan 152-96-27C-6H, Clear Creek, 18 stages/2.1 million lbs sand, 640 acres, t7/14; cum 50K 8/14;
I believe these three were each 640-acre spacing, something one doesn't see often in the Bakken. For newbies, EOG's Parshall field was originally all 640-acre units (and almost all wells in the Parshall field are 640-acre wells, with  rare exceptions, including #25093, a Wayzetta well). Much of the Parshall is now 1280-acre spacing (or ICO with 1280-acre proposed).

Some time ago, perhaps two years ago, there were discussions about the relative economics of short laterals vs long laterals. 

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