Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Incredible: Eight Golden Eagle Deaths -- Wind Farm Implicated -- Sad, Sad, Sad

Solar companies going broke; whooping cranes killing golden eagles in record numbers.

Link here to LA Times.
Two more golden eagles have been found dead at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power wind farm in the Tehachapi Mountains, for a total of eight carcasses of the federally protected raptors found at the site.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to determine the cause of death of the two golden eagles found Sunday at the Pine Tree wind farm, about 100 miles north of Los Angeles and 15 miles northeast of Mojave, said Lois Grunwald, a spokeswoman for the agency.
Oh, the lede?
The toll makes the Pine Tree site in the Tehachapi Mountains among the deadliest in California's wind farm industy. Activists say birds' behavior should be studied before erecting more sites.
I don't know about you, but as much as I like the sage grouse, I adore the golden eagle.

I am not aware of one redeeming feature of wind farms.


  1. Wind farms brought to country by the miracle of subsidization, grants and laws favoring their development.

    The faux-environmentalist will pass it off because their intentions were are so pure. We should never mind and admire they for who they are.

    They make me disgusted with their sickness.

    1. There was a scene in "Dr Zhivago" -- I forge the specifics -- the "wrong village" was wiped out -- men, women, and children. The military officer in charge said that mistakes happen but the cause must go on; mistakes must be overlooked for the (supposedly) bigger benefit down the road. It was very, very poignant. Incredibly sad. Especially when the "cause" is wrong.