Friday, October 28, 2011

From Carpe Diem: 2,000 Job Openings Every Day -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Link here.

2,000 job openings daily. This, in a town with a population of 10,000 or so before the boom. [And North Dakota still has a 3.5% unemployment rate. What's wrong with that picture?]

But do not come to the Bakken unprepared. If you don't have a reservation or a place to stay before you arrive, you won't find one when you get here. Period. Dot.

If you are an entrepreneur, have your financing arranged before you get here, and have a business plan that will pass the county and city permitting process.

And for entrepreneurs, know how you will staff your operation: as noted at the link above, there are 2,000 job openings every day in the Bakken, and far fewer than 2,000 people to fill them.

If you have a commercial driver's license (CDL) and plan to drive a truck, you have to have an absolutely clean driving record. Companies will not hire those who cannot be insured. Underwriters continuously monitor motor vehicle driving records.

Don't worry about bringing warm weather gear. You can find everything you need at Home of Economy on the Million Dollar Way.

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  1. are there any completion consulting jobs open?