Sunday, November 15, 2020

Notes From All Over -- The Post-Augusta Masters Edition -- November 15, 2020

Golf: Dustin Johnson sets four records winning the Masters.

Tiger: I honestly couldn't figure out how Tiger Woods made a ten on a par-3 hole. I was actually watching the tournament but CBS cut away so many times from this debacle, no one really saw this train wreck developing in slow motion. This is the best I could find. It was remarkable how CBS completely ignored this story; the post-tournament interview with Tiger focused on how well he played after this hole. LOL. 

Here's how hole 3 played out:

NFL: only game on "free" television -- a 3 - 6 team playing a 6 - 3 team; and the 3 - 6 team imploding. One more reason NFL viewership in shambles. Nothing to watch.


  1. CBS doing all it can to keep Tigers reign intact for as long as possible. Despite the field lapping him by the end of the 2nd round. Making the cut was a big deal and his rounds were 68-71-72-76. The champ got worse the longer he played.

    1. You are 1000% correct. In fact, I mentioned this on the blog some time ago: there are two peculiarities about Tiger Woods now. If he starts to get behind, he loses his drive (no pun intended). This really did not happen this time. He continued to play up to his ability to the very end (except for that hole 3).

      However, he does play worse as the weekend drags on -- I think at his age, the fatigue factor starts to set in, but more importantly, back pain.