Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Notes From All Over, Part 1 -- October 13, 2020

First things first: set your digital / virtual alarm clocks -- special Apple event at noon central time today.

Amazon Prime Day: started at midnight. I was up at 2:00 a.m. exploring the Amazon app. The savings truly are incredible. The app is incredibly easy to use. Very, very transparent. Highly recommend. So many links but here is one.

BLM: finals finale crashed nearly 70%; beaten by a random Sunday night football game. Link here. Mainstream media sports sites elsewhere try to explain the it away but their arguments fall flat.

Disney: reorganizes its entertainment division; shares rise. Before I get too excited, I need to see a bit more information; at least a year of results; right now it looks like a "press release."

Ford: like Tesla dropped its pricing on its halo EV. Says it wants to give its customers "exceptional value." Bottom line: the Ford Mustang EV which will come in at about $60,000 will drop in price by about $3,000. The Ford salesman will tell you the Mustang can be had for about $40,000. 

Tesla Model Y vs For Mustang Mach-E: nice comparison over at Forbes.

Water: something else to worry about. Must have been a slow news day for some writer. Apparently server farms will try to save money by better designs, relying more on air-cooling than water-cooling. Whatever. For the archives. Link here. There seems to be more than enough water if push comes to shove.

Why I Love To Blog

Book review. While looking for something else, I happened to run across this. At the link, scroll to the very bottom. Apparently, among the gazillion reviews for this incredibly fun book to read, one review made the cut. Mine. LOL. 

Hogewash: another blog worth exploring every so often.

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