Friday, July 31, 2020

Ramblings Regarding APPL And Apple, Inc, After Quarterly Earnings Reported -- July 31, 2020

Disclaimer: There is no publicly traded company in the world that I like more than Apple, Inc. I probably like Harold Hamm's Continental Resources and Slawson just as much. I am not talking about any of these from an investing point of view. I am talking about them from a non-investing point of view. I also find Tesla fascinating, and it may move into the same tier as the other three just mentioned at some point. Oh, and there's Amazon, too. Okay, so I might have a list of ten publicly traded companies that fascinate me more than all the rest.

Disclaimer: I am inappropriately exuberant about Apple, Inc.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.  Do not make any investment, financial, job, career, travel, or relationship decisions based on what you read here or think you may have read here.

I happened to catch the CNBC "Fast Money" segment yesterday afternoon while the Apple earnings conference call was underway. I purposely watched less than three minutes of the program. Wow, talk about some negative commentary. LOL. I couldn't believe it. But then one needs to remember, these are MSNBC -- as in Microsoft-- LOL. And one talking had admitted he sold his AAPL position not too long ago. And they all admitted that they expected "Big Tech" to take a big hit in the Covid Quarter of 2020. Talk about having egg on one's face.

Over at CNN Futures there is a list of companies "moving" pre-market. I've never understood this list. It did not seem to correlate with the actual market when it opened. I see now that none of the FANG stocks are even listed on the list of movers, and yet, based on everything reported in the last twelve hours, we should see significant movement in Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Alphabet (Google) later this morning when the market opens.

AAPL could open 6% higher; it might add $25 / share to share price. It might open above $400. Or perhaps everyone will taken their profits and AAPL will drop below $100. Oh, that's right. Tim Cook says he will split AAPL 4 - 1, and that will effectively push AAPL to $100/share, all things being equal, and nothing changes.

By the way, there's another Debbie Downer article out there regarding Apple's phenomenal earnings conference call. Now they're worried that the AAPL split will "undermine" / hurt /affect the "Dow." LOL. So that's what business writers are worried about. Talk about shallow.

Early in the Covid Quarter I mentioned that our older granddaughter bought a brand-new desktop Apple computer to meet her telemedicine needs as a psychiatric health care provider. My hunch is that a lot of Americans now working from home had an excuse to buy a new, top-of-the-line Apple computer.

By the way, just a reminder: home offices and the IRS. My hunch: the IRS won't be questioning (m)any taxpayers who claim a home office for this year.

While putting together this post, lo and behold, this article over at Market Street: "Whoops! Top economist admits misfire in tech stocks -- but he's still not convinced the price is right." We'll come back to this later. Have to move on.

Another top investor who appears to have missed this opportunity: Warren Buffett. If it were not for AAPL, Berkshire Hathaway would look even worse. And we'll also come back to this one later.

But, wow, overall, I was surprised at the dour look on the faces of those four traders over at Fast Money, Thursday afternoon. I saw Gene Munster was also weighing in but I turned off the television before he started talking.

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