Friday, January 10, 2020

Help Me, Help Me, Help Me, Sail Away, Give Me Two Good Reasons Why I Love To Stay -- A Musical Interlude -- January 10, 2020

Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks
S&P Global Platts Feature:
US Shale Oil Productivity Growth Expected To Slow In Some Basins

Operative words:
  • growth 
  • expected
  • to slow
  • in some basins
The article begins:
The dramatic jump in productivity seen in the early days of the US shale oil boom may be waning, but is likely not over, according to analysts, who expect efficiencies, at least for some plays, to edge higher in 2020.
While productivity is expected to climb, drilling has slowed, and thus shale production gains are expected to slow. In the Delaware Basin in West Texas, for instance, S&P Global Platts Analytics expects crude output to average 1.5 million b/d in December 2020, up 15% on the year. That's down from a 16% gain in December 2019, and a 57% gain in December 2018.
Wells have become increasingly larger as E&P companies have drilled longer laterals, or horizontal legs, and used more proppant – sand and/or water that keep fractures open and facilitate oil and gas flow to the surface.
Deep in the article:
Moreover, improvements, at least in the Permian and Bakken Shale of North Dakota where efficiencies are still rising, will continue for at least another year. 
"In the Bakken, Eagle Ford and DJ Basin [in Colorado], well productivity is observed at or close to all-time highs as of 1H 2019," the report said.
So Put Those Headphones On And Play It Loud ...

Summer Afternoon, Ray Davies


For some reason, this song takes me back to those nights with a most beautiful woman in the pubs in north Yorkshire. Ah, yes, another life, so many decades ago. 


  1. I love your blog. I’m going to hate when you 1. Stop the blog, or 2 . Pass away. They always say that you gravitate towards people that are like you. I agree with that. We are a lot a like. I’m younger and better looking, ��, but I truly love your insight, and most of your opinions. I always click on your songs, and really enjoy some of them and rediscover others. Thank you for taking time out of each and every day to blog. It’s a must-do each day on the web.

    1. Wow, that's a really nice note. Thank you.

      I was exhausted the other night; had to call it a night. But tonight, reinvigorated for some reason. The music really, really helps.

      It's funny. I'm more addicted (if that's the best word) to this blog than anything else, it seems. Keeps me out of trouble.

  2. That Platts story could be written by a computer. Seems like I have seen the exact same "news" for the last 5 years or so. I don't even mind that it is negative. But it's just not news. Not even new analysis. Just some English major with a low pay job writing filler copy by grabbing a quote and expanding an article around it. (I know how the sausage is made in the news biz.)

    But I also think you are a cool guy. Night bike/scooter expedition was the best! Love it!

  3. Thank you for taking time to write

    1. I agree 100% with you regarding the Platts story. I may talk about it again. There's a couple of nuggets in it that might help newbies sort out shale.

    2. Last night, when I posted that story, I was in a great mood, mostly done with the blog for the week and really, really just enjoying music on YouTube and Alexa. I wanted to posted the videos that were posted, but I don't like to post videos without any narrative (regardless of what I might write about), so after deciding to post those videos, I needed to find a shale story and that was the first reasonable story I found.

    3. Glad you caught the scooter story. I thought the whole little adventure was a hoot. Thank you for taking time to write