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17089 -- How They Do Things In The Bakken -- November 17, 2019

Note: in a long note like this there will be typographical and factual errors. Opinions are interspersed with facts; sometimes it may be hard to separate opinions from facts. This is mostly for my benefit; for the fun of it. If this important to you, go to the source. 

Take a look at this well from the operator's perspective. The CLR Bridger wells, as a rule, are really good wells. But for one some reason, one of the Bridger wells, #17089, was really a lousy well. Look at the full production profile. From the very beginning (2008) it was a lousy well and by 2015 it was a really, really lousy well. What to do? The Bridger wells should be better wells.

Then this.

The operator plans on drilling/fracking/completing new wells in the area in 2017. Why not re-enter #17089, a lousy well, prior to drilling/fracking those new wells. Take it off line for a year (let a little pressure build up) and then re-frack this well with a huge frack at the same time as the newer wells in the are are drilled/fracked/completed.

That may or may not be correct, but that's how I see it. If so, it means these operators are living/breathing this stuff. Thinking all the time how to drill wells; where to drill them; how to go back and get a good well out of a lousy well; etc.

A lousy well drilled back in 2008; then re-entered in 2016; a huge re-frack in 2017, along with neighboring wells:
  • 17089, 400, CLR, Bridger 44-14H, Rattlesnake Point, t4/08; cum 378K 9/19;
Production period of interest:

Let's look at the file report.
  • This was a re-entry well. Re-entered in 2016. Off line for a year Re-fracked, according to FracFocus: 4/28/17 - 5/19/17. New test date: 8/10/2017.
  • Re-frack: 40 stages; 14.3 million lbs -- a huge re-frack
  • IP after that re-entry / re-frack: 1,344
  • but look at this:
    • "spud date": September 17, 2016
    • cease drilling: September 19, 2016
    • the big rig was on site for two full days? that's why I'm seeing
  • the narrative -- I have never seen a shorter narrative; less than one page long
  • introduction:
    • a horizontal re-entry well targeting the middle Bakken
    • "spud" (actually re-entered) on September 17, 2016; H&P 640 rig
    • drilling was completed September 19, 2016
    • mudlogging and geological services began on September 18, 2016, in the lateral re-entry section at 20,845' measured depth in the middle Bakken
    • TD: 21,158' MD in the middle Bakken formation 
  • lateral #1 (re-entry, 11,560' MD to 21,433'MD
    • started drilling ahead in the re-entry middle Bakken lateral at a MD of 20,845' on September 18, 2016, at 9:44 p.m. CDT
    • gas ranged from 1400 to 2100 units with connection gases reaching 3192 units
    • TD at 21,158' MD on September 19, 2016
Original drilling / completing / testing back in 2008
  • TD = 20,831 feet
  • open hole frack: 1 million lbs sand
This old well / re-entry well (#17089) parallels #31847, right above that Three Forks, first bench well; on the map, the two wells almost look like one lateral in some places
  • 31847, 1,515, CLR, Bridger 9-14H1, Rattlesnake Point, t8/17; cum 211K 9/19; so fracked at the same as #17089 above was re-fracked; first full month for this Three Forks, first bench well: 33,264 bbls;

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