Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An Interesting Graphic But Hardly Relevant -- June 13, 2018

From John Kemp today:

The graph above will help put any production increase by Russia and Saudi Arabia in perspective.

If push comes to shove, my hunch is that US shale could respond quickly.

The problem: the mix of the different kinds of oil.

US Open
A Note to the Granddaughters

With the US Open in Shinnecock Hills, I'm reminded of my wonderful days in a bedroom community, suburb of NYC, many decades ago, Westfield, NJ.

During that summer I was able to get into Manhattan only a couple of times. I never got out to Long Island.

Shinnecock is at the far east end of Long Island; it must be a beautiful setting. I can only imagine.

When I was in my "Great Gatsby" phase I spent a lot of time studying the map of Long Island. East Egg and West Egg are much, much closer to NYC, near the west end of Long Island. 

And of all things, I never realized Belmont Park was in the same general area.

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