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2Q17 Earnings

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Earnings for the current quarter will be reported at this page; the link will be on the sidebar at the right, under "Earnings Central." When we start to see earnings reports for any quarter, the "Earnings Central" link is moved to the top of the sidebar until the earnings season is over.

I don't have time to check/update earnings on all companies listed below. If you see one that I have missed, feel free to send it in (anonymous comment or by e-mail) and I will post it.

Much of this information is done in haste. I assume there are factual and typographical errors. It is for my personal use only. If this information is important to you, go to the source.

Note: by 4Q16 I lost a lot of interest in tracking earnings. I'm not sure where I will go with this page. In fact, there are more and more days when ... no, I won't go there. 


CLR breaks even. Link here Shares up in after-hours trading.

NOG reports. From a press release --
  • daily production increased 4% sequentially to average 13,794 barrels of oil equivalent per day in the second quarter, for a total of 1,255,280 boe
  • Northern added 4.3 net wells to production during the second quarter of 2017
  • the 6.2 net wells that Northern elected to participate in during the first half of 2017 have an estimated internal rate of return of approximately 30% at a $50 /bbl flat pricing assumption
  • at June 30, 2017, Northern maintained a strong list of wells in process totaling 16.1 net wells that have an estimated internal rate of return of approximately 30% at a $50 /Bbl flat pricing assumption
  • Northern's GAAP net income for the second quarter of 2017 was $13.8 million. Adjusted net income for the quarter was a loss of $0.2 million. Adjusted EBITDA for the quarter was $30.7 million.
Disney: missed on revenues, $14.24 billion vs $14.42 billion; beats on earnings, $1.58 vs $1.55;  the bigger news is that Disney will pull its movies from Netflex, and will initiate a new streaming service that will take on Netflix. The new streaming service sounds a lot like TCM. Call it DCM -- Disney Classic Movies.

Denbury: a profit of less than one cent/share; beating a forecast of a loss of 2 cents/share.

Plug Power: a loss of 19 cents/share; adjusted, 10 cents/share; forecast, a lost of 7 cents/share.

CBS: beats on both top and bottom lines.

SM: EPS in line at 32 cents; compares to a loss of 44 cents year-ago quarter; total revenue decreased 65% to $121 million from $342 million a year ago.

BRK: operating earnings up $4.1 billion; book value up 6.2% ($182,816/shr).

ENB: misses; 30 cents vs 35 cents forecast; unadjusted earnings of 42 cents.

EPD: misses; 30 cents vs 33 cents forecast. Shares down during the day; rose after-hours. Motley Fool has positive story: grew year-over-year.
Enterprise kept its distribution growth rate the same with a 5.1% year-over-year payout increase. This was the 52nd consecutive quarter with a distribution increase.
The distribution coverage ratio slipped slightly in the quarter to 1.2, but that meant the company still retained $381 million in cash after distributions to reinvest in the business.
EEP: link here

EOG, AAPL, MDU: link here

PSX (Phillips 66): beat expectations; increased by about 11% y-o-y; second quarter in a row that the company reported an increase in earnings; EPS of $1.06 vs 93 cents previous quarter. A nice day to report; the market was surging (just shy of 22,000 on the Dow 30) and price of WTI was holding steady around $50. PSX shares were up over 2%.

Facebook: huge beat; shares surge.

XOM: miss estimates; shares hit 52-week low

CVX: beat estimates; shares up about 1.5%

Crescent Point Energy: net income of 11 cents; adjusted, 5 cents; compares to a loss in same period one year ago.

UNP: beats expectations but shares slump, significantly. Beat by 6 cents at $1.45.

EW: $1.08 vs forecast of 88 cents; huge; shares up over 3%. 

CMCSA: beats by 4 cents; 52 cents vs 48 cents forecast. Shares up over 3% in early morning trading.

COP: beats by 16 cents; conference call here

Hess: misses expectations of a loss of $1.32/share; in fact, earnings came in at a bigger loss, $1.46/share. However, Hess beat on revenues, coming in at $1.23 billion vs $1.19 forecast. 

Boeing: EPS beats forecast; forecast a profit of $2.32 from a loss of 44 cents/share a year ago; in fact, a profit increase of $2.55, huge beat; shares pop over 3% in pre-market trading;

Ford: beats by 13 cents; to 56 cents EPS; also beats on top line, $29.85 billion, beats by $0.13 billion.

McDonalds: beats on both top, bottom lines; EPS $1.70 vs $1.62; revenues, $6.05 billion, vs $5.96 billion;

CAT: huge beat on top, bottom lines; EPS 1.49 vs 1.25; revenues $11.33 billion vs $10.93 billion; reflects global economy; CAT up 5% pre-market;

GM: huge beat on EPS, 1.89 vs 1.69; but huge miss on revenues, $37 billion, vs  $40.15 billion

DuPont: beats on top and bottom line.

GOOG: huge quarter; revenues jumped 21% to $26 billion; after hours, shares plunge on EU fine of almost $3 billion; dropped 3% or $32 after-hours. Sharp jump in paid clicks, surged 52% year-over-year; biggest jump in at least seven years. But that comes with a cost: $5.1 billion in traffic acquisition costs, which was also a record high. Traffic acquisition costs outpaced revenue growth for the first time in five years. Traffic acquisition costs are what Google pays to drive people to its ads. For example, Google pays Apple when iPhone users search with Google. These costs have been rising as more of the company’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Operating income would have hit a record $6.9 billion if not for the record-setting $2.7 billion fine from the European Union. But that represents growth of only 15% year over year—the company’s slowest in two years.

Amazon: hits all-time high; up $13 (1.3%) today; now at $1,039.

Kinder Morgan: strong earnings report; will increase dividend by 60% for 2018 and 25% each year beyond to 2020; grew its backlog of projects to $12.2 billion, up $500 million;

Anadarko: shares down 3% after company posts wider-than-expected loss.  Lost 76 cents/share; will cut 2017 CAPEX by $300 million for full year.

Encana: shattered earnings; 34 cents vs 4 cents estimate

SLB: reports a loss of 5 cents; adjusted, earnings at 35 cents, topping forecast of 30 cents;

Honeywell: beats.

GE: shares plunge; sitting on terrible news.

VISA: easily beat both on earnings and revenues; volume growth up almost 40%

MSFT: easy beat on earnings; missed on revenues; investors happy; after-hours, shares up

UNP: $1.45 vs $1.39. 

T-Mobile: crushed earnings. Fastest growing carrier in the US.

Qualcomm: hits a speed bump. Profit plunges without royalties from Apple. Others says Qualcomm issues go beyond Apple. 

Morgan Stanley: beats on both top and bottom lines. July 19, 2017.

Crazy: United Airlines with huge beat on both earnings and revenue, but shares are down almost 3% after report; has to do with "involuntary denied boardings." July 18, 2017.

IBM: huge beat on earnings, but missed on everything else (revenues); IBM up slightly after earnings announced, July 18, 2017. 

Netflix soars. Posted here, July 17, 2017

Banks: mixed bag; nothing remarkable; minimal effect on the market; July 14, 2017

  •  Well before 2012, I bought shares of BK for our older daughter. She still holds those shares.
OXY: will raise dividend by a penny; July 13, 2017

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