Friday, May 19, 2017

Worth Re-Posting -- "Clock Boy" Clocked (Again) -- May 19, 2017

No million dollars for you! "Clock boy" clocked.  Judge dismisses 'clock boy' lawsuit saying the school didn't discriminate against Ahmed Mohamed when the Muslim teen's teacher called the police because she thought he made a bomb.
  • a federal judge ruled both the city of Irving, Texas, and the school district do not owe damages to Ahmed Mohamed's family
  • in 2015 his teacher at MacArthur High School called the police because she thought a clock Ahmed made was a ticking bomb 
  • Ahmed's father, Mohamed Mohamed, filed a lawsuit claiming his son's Fifth Amendment rights were violated by the arrest 
  • Court documents obtained by reveal the case was dismissed because the judge said there was no proof of 'racial or religious' discrimination 
No registry for you! Appellate court says FAA doesn't have jurisdiction over model aircraft enthusiasts.

Jobs for you! Ford to invest $350 million in its Livonia Transmission Plant; will expand its lineup of transmissions and will add 800 new jobs at the plant. Making America great.

Job Watch

State unemployment numbers for April, 2017, are out.  

Three states with lowest unemployment rates since 1976: Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon.

State with nation's lowest unemployment rate: Colorado. From the DenverPost:
  • Colorado's unemployment rate dropped to a record-low 2.3% in April
  • never before; "uncharted waters"
  • the rate is so low, it is acting like an anchor on the state's economy, leaving thousands of jobs unfilled; hurting the ability of businesses to meed customer demands
  • average hours worked rose from 33.2 to 33.6 hours
  • average hourly pay rose from $27.42 to $27.72
  • time for a President Trump photo-op
Number of states where unemployment dropped: 10.

Number of states where unemployment rate fairly stable: 39

Only one state with an increase in unemployment: Massachusetts.

States with significant jump in employment: Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin.

Only state with significant decrease in jobs last month: Indiana.

Number of states with unemployment lower than the national average: 19.

States with jobless rates below 3%: North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, New Hampshire.  

What Universe Is This Journalist Orbiting?

From Detroit News:
The secret device was used in March by a team of FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Metro Detroit to find Rudy Carcamo-Carranza, 23, a twice-deported restaurant worker from El Salvador whose only brushes with the law involve drunken driving allegations and a hit-and-run crash 
Only brushes with the law? How many times have you been picked up for drunk driving? How many times have you been found guilty of hit-and-run? 23 years old and already multiple crimes. Deported twice. Three strikes and you're out. My hunch is we will hear from this loser again. 

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