Friday, May 12, 2017

Today's Daily Activity Report Empty -- May 12, 2017 -- Everyone Must Have Left Early To Celebrate Mother's Day -- Well Deserved

Active rigs:

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Friday's activity report: nothing reported of note. A couple well name changes; that was it. Even the wells that came off confidential list were not reported.

Meanwhile, I'm Having A Brew Dr Kombucha

Link here. "Discovered" it while visiting Portland, OR, a few weeks ago. Met one of the founders of this company.

The Sports Page

Link here. Gregg Popovich should be coach of the year every year. The WSJ explains how the San Antonio Spurs Spurs bucked the trends of modern basketball to beat the high-powered Houston Rockets. Sort of reminds me of Phil Jackson.
The NBA rewards one coach every year as its Coach of the Year, and it’s usually someone whose team has overacheived that season, which explains why San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has only won the award three times. That’s as much as anyone in NBA history—and yet almost every coach would say it’s not enough. They would say Popovich should win every year. It’s simply impossible for a team to overachieve when overachieving is the expectation.
But even as the Spurs have become the league’s model franchise—the team every team wishes it could be—they still know how to pull off a surprise. And their series win over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference semifinals, especially their Game 6 blowout on Thursday night, was about as Spurs-y as it gets. It was hard to see it coming even though we know we should have seen it coming.
The Spurs have been great under Popovich for two decades now. Their run was already one of the most remarkable in professional sports—and that was five years ago. But what they did this year without the retired Tim Duncan was nothing short of basketball sorcery. The Spurs won 61 games the way most of us make coffee: quietly and routinely. Now they are in the conference finals against the only team that won more, the Golden State Warriors, and beating the best team in basketball would be their biggest overachievement yet. Which is why now is the time to appreciate them regardless of what happens next round. 
And so much more at the link -- worth the annual subscription of the paper. LOL. 

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