Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Politial Page, T+111 -- May 11, 2017 -- First Time Claims Drop Again -- Trump's Making America Great Again

Jobs: first time unemployment claims --
  • prior: 238K
  • forecast: 244K
  • consensus range: 241K to 245K
  • 4-week moving average, prior: 243K
  • actual: everyone off! claims down, not up
    • new claims: 236K; down 2,000 vs forecast for an increase of 3,000
    • 4-week moving average: 243.5K
    • continuing claims: decreased by 23,000.
The continuing claims drawn by workers for more than a week decreased by 23 thousand from a 17-year low to 1.964 million. (Source: dynamic link.)

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