Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Workover - Re-Complete - New Target -- Trendwell / Cornerstone -- March 21, 2017

The well:
  • 19947, 208 (original IP, Bakken drilled in 2012), Trendwell Energy Corporation (2016)/Cornerstone, Matter State 3-17H, Bakken, Woburn, acquired from Cornerstone Resources in 2016; originally drilled/stimulated late 2011/early 2012;  208, 1 stage, 80,456 lbs sand/proppant; stimulated 11/12/2011; followed by second frack, 17 stages, 1.31 million lbs; stimulated 1/3/2012; cum 25K as of 8/16; producing very, very little on a monthly basis through 8/16; 
Update: in late 2016, Trendwell acquires this well from Cornerstone. Sundry form received September 20, 2016, details of work:
  • abandon Bakken completion and recomplete to Midale (Madison reservoir) by exiting 7" casng and drilling approximately 4,000 feet of lateral south from existing wellbore within Midale reservoir
  • drill lateral south approximately 4,000 feet with 6" bit in Midale reservoir
  • install frack tree
  • stimulate lateral with 13-stage plug & perf proppant stimulation and return well to production
Work completed, December 23, 2016, from sundry form:
  • perforate and frack from 6,524 feet to 10,060 feet using plug and perf treatment. Frack consisted of 33,850 bbls of slick water and 1.2 million lbs of 20-40 sand. 
  • return well to completion
The graphic:

For production profile, see this post: http://wellsofinterest.blogspot.com/2017/03/workover-re-complete-new-target.html.

Other: Trendwell has two permits in ND: #1147 and #16220, a Madison well, active and in Lignite oil field; Trendwell increased production of the Madison well (#16220) from 150 bbls/month to 1,800 bbls/month in January, 2017, when it came back on line after being off-line for about five months. Trendwell Energy has been added to "Bakken Operators."

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